The Greening of Aiken, University of Vermont

The Rubenstein School community, created a vision for a renovated George D. Aiken Center. Besides designing for more efficient space, the vision strives towards sustainability and reduces the School’s ecological footprint.

The Green Aiken Center blends ecologically designed systems and advanced technology to clean and renew the building’s air and water, naturally light the interior, and house occupants and greet visitors in a welcoming, healthy, and stimulating environment.

The School will educate a new generation of ecologically literate citizens who understand the “environmental costs” of traditional construction and building operations and the benefits of designing and living within a space integrated with and connected to ecological systems. The renovated Aiken Center will be a harbinger of a sustainable future, a “Green Beacon” for the University and Burlington communities and their visitors.

The Green Aiken Center received a LEED Gold building rating